Scripting and Agent Workflows

There are three options for managing agent scripting and workflows with 4outbound.

Option 1: use existing user interfaces and workflows

If you are building custom user interfaces, you can use 4outbound APIs to easily plug into these existing workflows.

No matter whether you’re creating a completely custom solution, or building on a programmable contact center product like Amazon Connect, you can easily integrate the specific functionality of 4connect that you need for your use-case.

Option 2: use 4outbound CallGuides

If you are not building your own agent interfaces, you can use 4outbound CallGuides to help deploy faster.

CallGuides provide agents with a visual, workflow-driven user-interface, that allows them to be more successful in their day-to-day work.

You can provide the information agents need at each stage of the call, helping them to deliver a quality interaction, every single time.

The interface is visual, and intuitive to use, making it easy to onboard new team members very quickly.

Plus, using our interface editor, it’s easy to build screens and workflows for the different campaigns your team runs, with no coding knowledge necessary.

Contact us to get a demo of 4outbound CallGuides.

4outbound CallGuides.

Option 3: hybrid CallGuide® and custom interface

You might also want to use aspects of CallGuides, such as the agent disposition buttons, while also bringing in other UI elements, such as parts of your ticketing system, your knowledge base, or other applets.

With 4outbound’s plugin capabilities, this is easy to do. You have the power to build the perfect solution, using as much or as little of our CallGuide workflow engine as you want to use.

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