Admin UI & Wizards

When building a contact center system, you might be wondering about the best way to architect your admin UI.

It can sometimes be quite a lot of effort to design and create the backend interfaces that admins and team leaders will use to set up and manage campaigns, and monitor agent activity.

When using 4outbound plugins, managers can control the system using our suite of wizards and intuitive admin interfaces.

Wizard-driven design

Creating campaigns, setting up integrations, and designing contact strategies is all possible using intuitive, step-by-step wizards.

It’s easy for team leaders and contact center managers to set up campaigns quickly, helping them take advantage of trends that appear in your data, as they happen.

Visual interface builder

When using 4outbound CallGuides, you can design agent workflows and screens using an intuitive visual interface builder.

This gives managers the ability to design and continually optimize agent workflows on a day to day basis, using a huge range of visual elements, including images, videos, prompts, and screen pops.

Plus, you can also use HTML, CSS, and Javascript if you want to build even more advanced agent workflows using CallGuides.

Easily optimize dialer & data settings

Once you’ve created your outbound campaigns, it’s possible for managers to optimize settings on the fly, based on dialing performance.

For example, if you notice that leads in certain zip codes in New York are converting really well, it’s easy to edit the campaign, and create a filter to prioritize these records.

Using 4outbound, managers and team leaders have the agility they need to continually improve performance.

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