Campaign & Data Management

Make smarter outbound contact

4outbound is not just a dialer

Our data orchestration plugins give you the ability to make the right contact, at the right moment, and spend more time talking to customers

Complete campaign control

Using 4outbound initiatives (what we call campaigns), you have complete control over your dialing strategy.

It’s easy to use our wizard-driven interfaces to set up your campaigns, and fine-tune dialing strategy to improve your outbound performance.

The initiative manager has a powerful array of controls you can use to specify who is called, and when. For example, using time zone controls, you can automatically ensure that people are being contacted at the right time of day.

You can also set up skills based routing to ensure the best agents, or groups of agents, are assigned to each body of work.

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Easy, automated importing & data cleaning

With 4outbound campaigns, it’s easy to import .csv lists, bring in records via API, or use our ready-made CRM integrations to connect to your data source.

4outbound also makes it easy to clean your data. For example, you can screen records against do-not-call registers, and easily remove duplicates, to ensure you’re making effective, compliant outbound contact.

Intelligent record prioritization

As well as setting up skills based routing and basic data filters, 4outbound helps you prioritize the best records to call, allowing you to massively improve contact and conversion rates.

You can use our data analytics modules to find out which types of leads are performing best, at different times of day or week, and automatically prioritize these records when it makes sense to do so.

On an ongoing basis, you might like to push certain types of leads to the front of the queue, such as new inbound opportunities from your website. When there are no high priority leads coming in, you can work through the best opportunities in your existing dataset.

4outbound gives you the control and visibility you need to optimize every call you make, for the best possible result.

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Make efficient, compliant outbound contact – with any communications solution