What We Do

Twilio Flex is an incredibly powerful contact center solution – you can deploy in minutes, and begin taking calls with very little effort.

However, there are some areas where Flex capabilities can be complimented, in order to improve its effectiveness for outbound teams.

Our aim at contactSPACE is to take the best of Flex and provide support in the areas it could be improved through our plugins and bespoke system development. This enables you to get an awesome Flex solution without missing out on key functionality you would expect from an enterprise-grade contact center solution.

Here are some of the advantages of Flex which are included as a part of the contactSPACE Red product.

Advanced analytics

Develop a deeper insight into contact center performance with powerful but intuitive Flex reports. Build dashboards for agents, managers, and supervisors in seconds, enabling your team to access the data that matters.

Monitor agent performance in real-time, allowing you to identify potential areas of improvement at the earliest possible opportunity. View high-level insights at the click of a button, then delve deeper into more granular reports to gain an understanding of what’s driving positive/negative outcomes.

Complete programmability

While our solution has a range of built-in functionality designed to accelerate the deployment process, the contactSPACE Red platform is still entirely customisable.

Whether you’re looking to custom-code interfaces, manage your own dataflows, engineer call-routing processes, or get connected with an API, you’re in the right hands.

Obviously, our development team is more than capable of building out any specific features you’d prefer to avoid having to code.

Seamless scale

Easily enlarge or downsize your contact center size to account for business growth or seasonal decline.

Never pay what you don’t need to – our cloud-based solution will grow as your business grows.

contactSPACE Red also offers international adaptability. Deploy foreign numbers as your organisation expands overseas, and manage agents in multiple locations from a single instance of the platform.

contactSPACE Red works to complement the functionality of the Flex platform, especially in terms of outbound contact, workflow design, and data management.

Here’s how we help contact center teams get the most out of Twilio Flex.

Outbound contact

At present, there are challenges involved in making outbound calls from the Flex platform directly. This limits how efficiently it can be used for donor management/fundraising, telemarketing, inside sales, surveying, and outbound customer engagement, amongst other uses.

If you need to follow up with a customer after they’ve called about a problem they’re having for example, this must be done manually. In large volumes, outbound contact can become inefficient with Flex.

Solution: outbound dialers

contactSPACE Red comes with the perfect dialling solution for your specific needs: predictive, progressive, preview, or power dialing – which gives you the option to choose a dialing method on an initiative-by-initiative basis.

Maximize efficiency in high-volume operations by keeping agents on the line at all times, or give them the ability to pick and choose records if appropriate for your contact center.

Workflow management

Out of the box, Flex does not directly support call scripting. This also means that there can be challenges involved in efficiently previewing and wrapping outbound calls.

In addition, connecting your CRM with Flex may require bespoke development. To get things the way you want them, external help might be required – which will take time.

Solution: CallGuides® & drag-n-drop editors

Our solution comes with CallGuides®, which are a dynamic workflow optimisation tool and agent interface, combined into one.

Use our drag-and-drop editor to effortlessly position elements anywhere you like on the dashboard, whether it be call instructions/scripts, fields from your CRM, or forms for wrapping/making notes.


Flex can be adapted a great extent out of the box – you can do an incredible amount with the platform. However, much of the customisation options on offer require custom development.

This means that it takes time to edit agent dashboards, or alter call routing rules, without some level of coding experience.

Solution: wizard-driven design

Nearly every user-facing aspect of the contactSPACE Red platform can be fully customized by managers and supervisors.

The platform is built on a philosophy of wizard-driven design, meaning you can create new campaigns, adjust settings, and set up new dashboards in a matter of minutes using an intuitive step-by-step interface.